Kavous is a member of Brohouse. He first joined brohouse March 18th, 2011.

Kavous currently has Bro status.

He lives in Pleasant Hill, Missouri in his parent's mansion. Kavous is known for his trademark Diablo 3 Headset and for being very wealthy. Kavous likes LoL, money, NOS Energy drink, nerf wars and bowling.

Life & BrohouseEdit

Not known is much about Kavous other then graduating high school very recently. Not much is known as to how Kavous even joined Brohouse.

Kavous has been playing League of Legends possibly the longest out of every member, maybe aside from Hebacheba. Kavous dreams to be part of a popular stream someday, and would probably drag the rest of Brohouse with him, whether they like it or not.

Kavous has a twin brother, Metal Kavous, who is constantly trying to destroy him. Kavous has a jewish mother, an irish father who finds him constantly disappointing, and a butler who he constantly abuses, despite being his only friend. Kavous also has an older brother, Green Gloves.

Kavous has a large assortment of LoL minions who join and leave Brohouse on a regular basis. The rest of Brohouse probably drives these newer members away (See: SierraAlpha). Why Kavous is able to find these people still remains a mystery.

Kavous is almost a punching bag to many members. In earlier days, a picture of Kavous was found on his facebook and was to great, although unknown, amusement to the teamspeak. Many parody videos were made, and the picture quickly became associated with the sad event of Kavous passing away in a short amount of years (making him to be very young), and with his death year being in the near future.


Kavous is a cheerful yet very strong headed individual. He is persistant, as it is seen that he constantly believes he can turn a lot of League of Legends matches around, much like Hebacheba. However he thinks he can turn them around by themselves and by carrying. Hebacheba on the other hand believes in farming.

Weaknesses to AngerEdit

Due to constant abuse from other members, it is very difficult to get Kavous angry, but there are a few things.

- Kicking him and moving out of channels

- Batman

- Losing LoL

If an enemy is doing well, it is an opportunity to compliment their skill or ability, and if you're bold enough, to say they're better then Kavous. This has been proved effective.


-"He's not even that good."

-"Stop feeding!"