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Krackerjax is a member of Brohouse. He first joined brohouse September 30th, 2010.

Krackerjax currently has OG status.

Living in Lubbock, Texas, Krackerjax spends his days idling in Teamspeak, waiting for somebody to join or for his dad (a very wealthy oil tycoon) to send him money. He is also an archer.

Krackerjax likes wine coolers, acting like he's mad (a lot apparently), stories, and rap music.

Life & BrohouseEdit

It is believed Krackerjax was born in Texas and has lived there all his life. He currently lives in his own apartment in Lubbock, Texas, soon to be Dallas. Krackerjax is 23(?) years old. He is going to college at Dallas State Uni. His father pays for his apartment and many other expenses, and despite other members usually making fun of him for his pampered lifestyle, he is particularly fond of it.

Not much is known about Krackerjax's personal or social life. Friends, romantic interests, etc are discussed very little to none. All that is currently known is he is annoyed by his mother's phonecalls, has a rich father and a 13 year old step brother who is homosexual.

Krackerjax was found by Matchface and his ventrillo friends in APB, shortly before finding PlayaSlaya. It is unknown how long Krackerjax was grouped with Matchface before meeting PlayaSlaya.

To this day, Krackerjax joins Brohouse nearly everyday and is an active member.


Krackerjax is a generally happy dude, in the beginning he was quite mysterious but soon came out of his shell in flying colors (Known to encourage webcam discussion). Krackerjax can be a bit selfish at times, and tries to back up his seflishness with very stretched reasoning. This is very prevalant in LoL matches.

He is one of the more talkative members, and can discuss a certain subject for quite a while. Krackerjax can get very loud and obtrusive when drunk.

Krackerjax likes UkinoJoe and he enjoys things with other nonsensical (but tasteful) humor.

Weaknesses to AngerEdit

- Point out his fear of not giving out his residental address

- Comment on something he has a habit of doing, and/or mock him for it

- Say he's wrong, in any way.

-Drinking any kind of alcohol

-His dad doesn't bring him a new oil barrel for the month

Krackerjax will get angry if you question his reasoning or ability in any way. If you call him out on his anger, he will deny it and it's usually followed by a claim that he was only "pretending" or "acting". Further mocking him on this can prove effective.


"Rape me."

"Watching YouTube fag."

"The story was really good."