Matchface is a member of Brohouse. He first joined brohouse September 30th, 2010.

Matchface currently has OG status.

Matchface is a 19 year old ginger male who lives in Farmingbloomfieldton, New Mexico. Matchface likes to get brain, talk to his likable friends on Ventrillo, and occasionally die for a couple months only to revive himself to join Teamspeak again.

Life & BrohouseEdit

Matchface lives in the state of New Mexcio. It is unclear whether he lives in Bloomfield or Farmington. Matchface is currently pursuing a degree in Law, and is considering to going to ASU.

Matchface use to live in a house with his mother and sister, but then he has claimed his mother's boyfriend shot up the house with an AK-47 and now lives at his grandparents. The condition of his mother's boyfriend is unknown. Matchface is also part of the bastard club.

Not much is known of Matchface beyond current times. He has claimed to been in 2 relationships since Teamspeak's creation. As of now, Matchface joins Brohouse nearly every day.

Matchface has a black friend named Connor who occasionally goes to his house


Matchface is a likable, but sometimes aggressive individual. He can seem cruel from a stranger's perspective but it's nothing to take personally at all. Matchface likes to "test" individuals by being overly-aggressive towards them and nitpicking at something they just said to get them angry, no matter how mundane it was. An interesting note is the more people that are in a channel at once, the more aggressive Matchface appears to get. He is the most tame when it's just you and him in a channel alone.

Weaknesses to AngerEdit

- 4chan and reddit jokes (that are not ironic)

- Questioning his ability at MOBAs

- Questioning his ability at anything in general

- Repetitive sounds, words or phrases

- Krackerjax playing LoL in general

Matchface can get spontanously angry at something you do for no real reason. It's never consistant or has a pattern. It's believed that theres somethin' wrong with that boy.


"Well, I'm pissed."

"Fuck this I ain't having fun."